3 Reasons to Purchase Trip Interruption Benefits Before Your Next Road Trip

If you are planning on taking your vehicle on a long road trip with family or friends, getting trip interruption benefits needs to be on your checklist of things to do before putting that key in the ignition. Here are three reasons why breakdowns on long trips can be a nightmare.

#1: Hotel Rates Go Up Annually

Most road trips take place during the summer when people can get time off from work or school to head to the beach or other popular locations. Unfortunately, this is also when hotel rates spike. If your car had broken down while on a road trip in the summer of 2016, you would have had to shell out an average of $128 night for a hotel room while waiting for repairs. That average increases by about $5-10 a year. Trip interruption benefits may help you cover hotel costs in emergency situations.

#2: Car Rental Rates Are Exorbitant

Owning a car isn’t cheap, but renting one costs a fortune. If you break down on a road trip, you are probably on the way to a non-refundable hotel or condo rental. That means you lose part of what you paid for if you stay behind while your car gets worked on. But if you rent a car to continue your journey, it can cost you over $45 a day just to get an economy car. Let’s face it – most people road trip in far larger vehicles. Renting an SUV can easily run you more than $100 a day. You definitely want to have coverage that offers rental reimbursement.

#3: Auto Repairs Are Expensive All Across the Country

Getting work done on your vehicle can cost a lot of money, even if you know someone at your local garage and get a good deal. Those rates go through the rough if you end up in some faraway town, don’t know which garages are reputable, and end up getting hustled by someone who knows you’re really in a bind. This makes pairing trip interruption insurance with an extended auto warranty vital.

Vehicle Service Center offers everything you need to take off on the road anytime you want with complete peace of mind. From an extended warranty to combat high repair costs to roadside assistance and trip interruption, you are covered no matter what the universe throws your way. Think of it as your way of saying, “Nothing’s going to stop me from enjoying my hard-earned vacation.” Just call 1-800-280-6708 today to discuss the plan that is best for you and get a free quote.

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