The 3 Types of People Who Need Roadside Assistance the Most

The 3 Types of People Who Need Roadside Assistance the Most

The 3 Types of People Who Need Roadside Assistance the Most

Roadside assistance can be a real lifesaver, but it is also an added expense if you never use it. With that in mind, we’re going to address who will get the most benefit from a roadside assistance plan.

#1 The Absent-Minded Professor

If any of the following sounds like you, then roadside assistance is probably a great idea:

  • You have trouble keeping track of your keys
  • You’re unlikely to notice a light on your dashboard for hours
  • You never remember to get your car serviced on time

Since roadside assistance can help with everything from locking your keys in the car and running out of gas to a dead battery because the lights we left on or a flat tire, you may want to invest in a roadside assistance package. Don’t feel bad though because these things happen to all of us from time to time.

#2 People with Stressful, Busy Lives

You don’t have time to deal with being stuck in a parking lot or on the side of the road. Plus, you’re always dressed up, so even if you know how to change a tire, you’re not wearing the proper attire to do so. Roadside assistance can remove the added stress of having to deal with car issues by giving you a simple number to call to make everything better.

#3 Anyone Who Doesn’t Already Have It

Let’s face it – car trouble can happen to anyone. Whether it is a dead battery or a flat tire, you never know when or where you may need assistance. Having a roadside assistance plan is just a part of driving a car unless you are a mechanic and you keep your tools in the trunk (and even that won’t help if you lock your keys in the car or run out of gas).

Roadside Assistance Packages, Service Contracts, and More!

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“Why Isn’t My Car Starting?”

We’ve all faced that horrifying movement. You turn the key to your car (or push a button on some modern vehicles) and the car won’t start. Sometimes it just won’t turn over. Other times, you get nothing – maybe just a clicking sound. Why isn’t the car starting? Here are a few possible reasons.

Troubleshooting a Car that Won’t Start

Here are a few factors to consider if your vehicle is not starting:

> Is the battery out of power? A jump start may be all you need.

> Is the alarm system light flashing? There may be a reason your car alarm is preventing the vehicle from starting if your system is equipped with that feature.

> Are the battery cables connected properly? If the cables become corroded or stop functioning, no power can make it to the starter.

> Is the car making a clicking noise when you try to start it? This may indicate that the starter has gone bad. Often the starter will provide warning signs in advance. You may have needed to crank the engine a few times to get it to start in recent days. This indicates the starter was nearing the end of its lifecycle.

These are just a few of the things that can prevent a car from starting. Lack of fuel pressure, a problem in the ignition system itself, electrical problems, and many other issues can leave you stranded. What can you do?

Jump Assist and Other Roadside Assistance Services

At Vehicle Service Center, we offer service plans that you can add roadside assistance onto. Then, if you suddenly find yourself with a car that won’t start, you’re just a phone call away from a jump start or towing to a nearby repair shop. To learn more about the services we offer, call 1-800-280-6708 and ask for your free quote.

The Right Protection for Your Summer Travels

Many of us wait all year long to enjoy a great vacation during the summertime. You may be ready to take off on a memorable road trip, but is your vehicle ready to get you there? Roadside assistance and trip interruption benefits are vital ways to keep your dream vacation from becoming a nightmare. Here are a few features you want to be sure your coverage includes.

Roadside Assistance

When you are on the road, and far from home, the unexpected can happen. For example, even though Google can help you find a nearby gas station, it can’t magically make gas appear close enough to stop you from running out on the open road. That makes fuel delivery an important feature for travelers. Other important forms of roadside assistance include towing, lock-out assistance, tire assistance, and battery boost/jump start assistance.

Trip Interruption

If your vehicle breaks down more than 100 miles from home and you are going to be stranded overnight on the road, you are probably already losing non-refundable time at your destination hotel on top of hotel expenses where you get stuck. Trip interruption benefits can help you to recoup some of your losses and turn that breakdown into an enjoyable one night stay in a new town (albeit unexpectedly).

Rental Reimbursements

Sometimes a breakdown on the road requires that you rent a vehicle for the rest of your trip. Rental reimbursement can help soften the otherwise expensive blow. This is especially true if you are traveling with a large family or group of friends and need to rent a van or SUV since vehicles with 6 seats or more come at an additional expense.

Vehicle Service Center Has You Covered

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Roadside Assistance Plan

4 Reasons to Have a Roadside Assistance Plan

Roadside assistance is such an important factor in car ownership that some manufacturers now include it in a package when someone buys a new car. Unfortunately, there usually is no such deal for a pre-owned vehicle, or you may have purchased your car new but are now beyond the time or mileage of your roadside plan. Here are a few reasons to purchase roadside assistance if you don’t already have it.

#1: When You’re on “E” and There’s No Gas Station in Sight

The worst feeling is when you see the light come on to warn you that gas is low but you know you can’t make it to a gas station from where you are, or even worse, you never see the light come on and run out by surprise. If you’ve had this happen, you’re far from alone. Recent reports indicate that incidents of running out of gas are up by 18%. If you ever get caught without enough fuel to roll up to the pump, you’ll be happy to have roadside assistance.

#2: You Find Yourself Locked Out of Your Vehicle

Unfortunately, most towns don’t have a 24-hour locksmith available anymore. But roadside assistance should be able to get someone with the skills to help you as fast as possible. Most of us leave a spare key with someone for emergencies like this, but we never seem to lock our keys in the car when that person is available or when we are within reasonable driving distance. Especially if this occur on a long trip, roadside assistance can be invaluable.

#3: The Dreaded Flat Tire

Whether you don’t have a spare or simply don’t have the physical ability to change a tire yourself, being able to call for help from the side of the road and knowing it will be on the way can provide peace of mind. Roadside assistance can be a real lifesaver, because driving on that flat tire, even for a short distance, can end in disaster.

#4: Roadside Assistance Gives You Peace of Mind

Vehicle Service Center is your source for extended auto warranties, and we are happy to offer roadside assistance packages to boost your peace of mind even more. Not only do you know that help will be on the way if you get stuck, but you can minimize those massive repair bills through our warranty services. Get a free quote right now by calling 1-800-280-6708!