Attention Drivers – Protect Yourself from Running Out of Fuel

Attention Drivers – Protect Yourself from Running Out of Fuel

Running out of gas is never good for your vehicle. Plus, it can really ruin a road trip and turn fun into fear. After all, no one wants to hitchhike – it’s often viewed as unsafe. Of course, modern vehicles have lights that warn a driver when gas is low and gauges that usually tell you how far you can go on your current tank. Despite these safety measures, however, running out of fuel is still a problem. Here are 3 tips to help protect yourself and your vehicle.

Ways to Avoid Running Out of Gas

By implementing these four suggestions, you shouldn’t ever find yourself stuck:

  • Always fill up when your car hits 1/4 of a tank.
  • Fill up before any drive that could involve getting stuck in traffic.
  • Don’t trust the gauges to be able to tell you how far you can go down to the mile. It may say 30 miles one minute and be blinking zeroes the next.
  • Use mobile apps to find nearby gas stations.

If you do realize you’re running low and it will be a stretch to the closest station, here are a few ways to maximize your mileage:

  • Slow down – Your car will probably get its best gas mileage at under 45 mph. Be sure to put on your hazard lights if you are on the Interstate.
  • Turn off the A/C and roll up the windows – The A/C decreases fuel economy and so does wind resistance. It may get uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as running out of gas.
  • Conserve power – Conserve every tiny amount of gas by shutting down anything drawing power like the radio or a charging phone.

Protecting Yourself in Emergency Situations

Despite precautions, emergency situations can still occur on occasion. Running out of gas can be a frightening situation, especially if you are a long way from home when it happens. In this type of situation, having roadside assistance and an extended warranty can bring peace of mind. You know help is just a phone call away, and that at least some of the repair costs may be covered depending on your warranty plan. To get a free quote on extended warranty and roadside services, call Vehicle Service Center at 1-800-280-6708.