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The Top 3 Extended Warranty Add-Ons (and Why You Need Them)

The Top 3 Extended Warranty Add-Ons (and Why You Need Them)

An extended warranty can give you peace of mind whether you are the original owner of the car and your manufacturer warranty is running out or you are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. But when you shop for an extended warranty, don’t forget to price add-ons that can increase the value of your contract. Here are the top 3 extended warranty add-ons, and why you should be interested in them.

#1 Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance can get you out of all sorts of jams. A good roadside assistance program includes features like:

  • Towing – Get your car to the shop without paying a bundle.
  • Lock-out assistance – Both sets of keys ended up locked in the car? Roadside assistance to the rescue!
  • Fuel delivery – Never make that embarrassing call to a friend or family member again.
  • Battery boost – A dead battery can happen at any time. Don’t rely on the car parked next to you being able to give you a jump start.
  • Tire assistance – Sure you can fix a flat tire, but who wants to do it on the side of the Interstate in your dress clothes?

#2 Trip-Interruption Benefits

Airlines are always trying to sell travel insurance, but what about if you are driving to your vacation destination? If you break down more than 100 miles from home, trip-interruption benefits can help cover hotel costs in whatever city you get stranded in. Now instead of being ruined, your road trip just took a little detour.

#3 Rental Reimbursements

If you are getting warranty-covered work done by the dealer, you may get a loaner car just to drive around locally. For any other long-term repair situation, you’re going to need a rental. Knowing you’re going to be reimbursed for the extra expense can remove the sting of not having your own car for a few days while the repairs are being done.

Vehicle Service Contracts and the Add-Ons You Need

For the top extended warranties and add-ons, call Vehicle Service Center today at 1-800-280-6708 and speak to one of our vehicle protection specialists. Not a phone person? Request your free quote online by submitting the contact form.

3 Reasons to Get Trip Interruption Benefits Before You Travel This Holiday Season

3 Reasons to Get Trip Interruption Benefits Before You Travel This Holiday Season

We’re mere weeks away from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the true kickoff of the holiday season. If you are going to be traveling, especially if you plan to drive for your vacation or to visit friends and family, here are three reasons to add trip interruption benefits to your service contract:

  1. Hotel Costs Are at an All-Time High. Every year the cost of hotel rooms goes up. If you get stuck during your travels and need to spend the night in an unfamiliar area while your car is repaired, you want trip interruption benefits to help cover the costs of accommodations.
  2. Car Rental Rates Are Skyrocketing. Sometimes spending the night while waiting for your car to be repaired is not an option. You either have to rent a vehicle or miss the holiday celebration. Since car rentals can easily cost $45 day just for an economy car (and you probably need something with a little more room for bags if you are traveling), rental reimbursement is another important addition to your car’s service contract.
  3. Auto Repairs Can Cost a Small Fortune. You don’t want to spend your entire holiday worrying about how big the bill is going to be when you go back to pick up your car from the shop. That means having the right service contract so that when you get work done you know won’t be footing the entire bill yourself.


Protect Yourself and Your Wallet During the Holiday Season

If you’re going to break the bank this holiday season, it should be on getting gifts for loved ones and having a great time with friends and family. Emergency car stuff should be covered under a service contract so that you have peace of mind. To get a quote on an extended warranty and add-ons like trip interruption insurance and car rental reimbursement, give our vehicle protection specialists a call at 1-800-280-6708.