What to Do When Your Car’s Manufacturer Warranty Is About to Expire

When a driver buys a car from a dealer, the vehicle typically includes a manufacturer’s warranty. The salesperson may even convince you to add on an extended warranty. But what happens when the coverage is up. You’ve probably either had or heard of a number of “Murphy’s Law” type experiences wherein a vehicle breaks down just after the coverage expires.

Here are the two things you need to do when the manufacturer’s warranty is about to expire to maintain your peace of mind.

  • Take the car to the dealer for a checkup just before the warranty is up. This will allow you to get anything that is covered fixed before the warranty expires. You should also get it documented that the dealership checked all of the covered components of the vehicle and gave you the all clear.
  • Purchase an extended warranty that meets your ongoing needs. You may not need all of the same components of the car covered anymore. You may just want coverage for certain things that you have concerns about such as the transmission. Or you may want to expand your coverage to include even some maintenance aspects of your car, especially if you intend to keep it for as many miles as you can get out of it.

The Right Extended Auto Warranty to Meet Your Needs

Vehicle Service Center can help you to find the right extended auto warranty at an affordable price so you can get your car protected and maintain your peace of mind. To get a free quote, call our vehicle protection specialists at 1-800-280-6708 or request your quote online today!

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