The Benefits of Buying a Buying an Extended Warranty Online

The Most Important Modern Safety Features You Want Your Car to Have

Even if you have an extended warranty, you still want to drive as safe as possible and only use your policy for emergency repairs. Your car insurance is for accident repairs and using that can cost you more than it’s worth. With that in mind, here are three safety features you really want to have on your next vehicle.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control – This is available on just about all modern car models. You still get the benefits of cruise control, without the concerns of traffic. If someone in front of you hits the breaks just as you are tipping back your coffee, the sensors in the front of your car will detect that you are closing in on the vehicle in front of you and slow down to match speed. It will automatically speed back up when traffic starts moving again.
  • Automatic Emergency Breaking – Sometimes you just don’t react fast enough when the car in front of you hits the breaks. That driver may see the deer in the road ahead, but you don’t and have no reason to believe you are about to have to stop short. The car can react faster than you, so automatic emergency breaking can save you from an accident by starting the breaking process before you ever stomp down on the pedal.
  • Lane Departure Warning – You should always pull off the road to sleep if you get tired, but if sleepiness strikes suddenly, lane departure warning can save your life. A warning sound will alert you immediately if you start to drift off the road or into another lane. Just don’t use it as an excuse to drive distracted (like using your smartphone while behind the wheel).

Protect Your Vehicle and Your Wallet

Vehicle Protection Center wants all of our clients to stay safe behind the wheel. However, even safe drivers can have car trouble. That’s when you want our extended warranty services. To get your free quote, call 1-800-280-6708 or request your quote online.

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