Why Modern Cars Are So Complicated and Expensive to Repair

It’s no secret that auto repair costs are skyrocketing and one of the major reasons is that new cars become more complicated to fix every year. A news source in the UK even reported that some auto mechanics are struggling to keep up. As a result, when 50,000 people were surveyed, it turned out that over 70% were just taking the car back to the dealer for repair work despite the added expense.

The article also stated that about 30% of car problems are electrical and not mechanical in nature. That leaves the average repair shop unable to help in many cases. It’s a great place to get an oil change but not to deal with a software malfunction that is making the transmission slip.

Why Are Auto Manufacturers Adding So Much Tech?

There are a few reasons for the increasing amount of technology in vehicles. Sometimes it is a feature we really want, like software that maximizes gas mileage. At other times, it is completely redundant. For example, everyone has GPS on their smartphones, so why does it have to be on the dash too? It just seems like one more thing to break as far as most drivers are concerned.

Other technologies are there for safety purposes. So while we may get annoyed at the car for dinging when we get too close to the line while unwrapping a burger, it’s better than ending up in a ditch.

The Help You Need When an Expensive Repair Comes Up

While technology certainly does have some advantages, getting a repair bill from a mechanic can be scary. Unless, of course, you have an extended warranty that covers your entire vehicle. Vehicle Service Center offers warranty packages to fit every budget, including full vehicle coverage to give you peace of mind at the repair shop. Call 1-800-280-6708 to get your free quote today.

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