Why You Have No Time for Poor Customer Service When It Comes to Your Warranty

One of our favorite compliments is when our vehicle protection specialists are praised for providing great customer service. The fact of the matter is, we believe that when you are dealing with a vehicle emergency – whether stuck on the side of the road with a flat or at a shop getting a new transmission put in – you simply don’t have time to deal with poor customer service.

Unfortunately, customer service is lacking in many businesses today, so we wanted to discuss some of the principles that put Vehicle Service Center ahead of the competition.

One of the Worst Customer Service Practices

If you haven’t noticed the inability of companies to provide good customer service, an indicator of the state of modern businesses is that the Australian government felt the need to put up an article about how to provide customer service on the national business website.

Recently, Forbes magazine commented on some of the worst customer service practices. The biggest culprit – hiring the wrong people for the job. You would think companies would want to put their friendliest and most patient people forward when it comes to dealing with the public. Sadly, some businesses just hire anyone who will work for low pay and make that person the customer’s lifeline during a crisis.

Customer Service – Why Our Customers Stay with Us

Providing you with good customer service is also a smart business move for us. It’s cheaper to hang onto existing customers than scour the globe for new ones. Treating people right creates loyal customers who recommend us to others. There’s no better form of advertising.

So next time you’re staring at an expensive repair bill or you’re stuck in a hotel overnight because of a breakdown on a road trip, we hope you’re covered by one of our comprehensive warranty or trip interruption plans. You can rest assured that your customer service experience will help soften the blow rather than making matters worse.

To get help in finding the right plan to meet your needs, call 1-800-280-6708. Our vehicle protection specialists are standing by to provide free quotes at any time.

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