5 Ways to Choose the Right Extended Warranty Company

Vehicle Service Center Choosing an Extended Warranty Company

5 Ways to Choose the Right Extended Warranty Company

Extended vehicle protection on both new and pre-owned vehicles is more important than ever before, with garages and dealers charging outrageous repair fees for both parts and labor. How can you be sure that you are really getting what you pay for rather than falling into an extended warranty scam? Read on for 5 tips on choosing the right extended warranty provider. (more…)

“Why Doesn’t My Warranty Cover Maintenance Work?”

The question many people find themselves asking after they get an extended warranty is, “Why doesn’t my warranty cover maintenance?” The fact is that most warranties do not cover normal work that needs to be done on a vehicle such as oil changes, replacing worn tires, or replacing a timing belt. Why are these services not usually covered? Is it still worth it to get a warranty? Are there options that do cover maintenance? Read on to learn more.

The Reason Maintenance Isn’t Covered

First of all, many people take extended service contracts with a deductible to save money. An oil change costs about $30-50 depending on where you go and what service you get. So the fact is that you would never hit your deductible anyway. Things like tires come with their own warranty. The shop that puts them on may offer a road hazard replacement package. As a result, tires are usually covered for their normal life cycle anyway. Things like a timing belt are not usually even bad or worn out when changed. This is simply done to prevent the damage that a snapped belt can cause, so the manufacturer sets a number of miles to make the change at.

Is It Still Worth Getting a Warranty?

Yes, even if maintenance is not covered, it’s worth it. Why do people still get healthcare despite deductibles and copayments? Because if an emergency occurs, it can save thousands of dollars. The same is true with an auto service contract. A $2,000 suspension problem or transmission problem can be a nightmare if a person doesn’t have coverage.

Can I Get My Maintenance Covered?

Yes! Some contracts cover everything from maintenance to roadside assistance. Speak to one of the vehicle protection specialists at Vehicle Service Center to learn more about plan options, and discover the plan that will meet your needs. You even get a free quote by calling 1-800-280-6708.

Buying a Used Car? – Don’t Forget the Extended Warranty

Are you getting ready to purchase a used vehicle? Then it is time to consider an extended warranty. We’re going to look at some important reasons to purchase a warranty any time you are getting a used vehicle, some circumstances that may make the purchase even more important, and some statistics that reveal the purchase is not the risk some sites may have led you to believe it is.

2 Important Reasons to Get a Warranty for Your Pre-Owned Vehicle

The further we get into the age of over-complicated electrical components of vehicles, the more important it is to protect your used vehicle. A car that is just a few years old may have complicated electrical components that could cost thousands of dollars to repair.

The other important element to consider is the rising cost of auto repair labor. When you start adding $85 to $125 per hour on top of expensive parts, you have the recipe for a nightmarish invoice. A warranty is the best way to avoid adding repairs bills to your monthly car payments.

2 Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Protective Coverage

You should definitely add coverage to your vehicle if either of the following things are true. First, check to see if the vehicle you are purchasing has a history of necessary repairs. You may love a particular make and model, or it may be the only thing that meets your budget, but if that year’s line is known for transmission troubles, you definitely want powertrain coverage.

The second thing to look for is exclusion coverage. This allows you to have greater peace of mind. Unless the exclusion is the specific thing that goes wrong with your car, it’s covered. There’s no guesswork. On the other hand, you also want affordable coverage, so if you are working with a limited budget, you may need to focus on the coverage features that are most important to you.

Statistics Show that an Extended Warranty Is a Good Purchase

The following two statistics show the benefits of extended warranties:

  • 84% – Percent of persons who purchased a used car and had every filed claim accepted
  • 82% – Percent of people who say they would consider purchasing an extended warranty again

Vehicle Service Center is proud to offer the type of coverage that can actually be of benefit to used car owners. To learn about the different coverage options we offer, and to have one of our vehicle protection specialists help you find a plan that meets your needs and your budget, call 1-800-280-6708.


A Warranty Can Save You from Huge Front and Rear Suspension Costs

Suspension problems are one of the more common and expensive issues that car arise in motor vehicle use. How do suspension issues occur? What are the most common problems? How much will the repairs cost? How can you protect yourself from this expense? We’ll tell you here.

How Do Suspension Issues Occur?

While in rare cases a suspension issue may be due to a manufacturer defect, it is far more common for these problems to arise from wear and tear on a vehicle. Potholes are one of the major causes of such damage. AAA reported that potholes result in about $3 billion in repairs in the US each year. To limit the damage, it is vital to try and avoid potholes, keep tires properly inflated, and to slow down as much as possible if a pothole cannot be avoided.

What Are the Most Common Suspension Problems?

The suspension system of a vehicle is complicated. With so much that can go wrong, you may wonder what the most common repairs are. Here are 5:

  • Alignment
  • Shocks
  • Springs
  • Ball joints
  • Control arms

How Much Do Suspension Repairs Cost?

In part, this depends on what is wrong. The repairs, however, are unlikely to be cheap. According to one report, replacing ball joints can cost anywhere from $350 to $2,200. Stocks were estimated at $200 to $1,500, although they can cost much more on a luxury car. Replacing the entire suspension system can cost up to $5,000.

How Can You Protect Yourself from Suspension Repair Costs?

To ensure you don’t get stuck with a massive repair bill, be sure that your suspension system is under warranty. To assist you in this regard, Vehicle Service Center offers coverage options that can save you a bundle. To learn more, get a free quote from one of our vehicle protection specialists by calling 1-800-280-6708.

Why You Have No Time for Poor Customer Service When It Comes to Your Warranty

One of our favorite compliments is when our vehicle protection specialists are praised for providing great customer service. The fact of the matter is, we believe that when you are dealing with a vehicle emergency – whether stuck on the side of the road with a flat or at a shop getting a new transmission put in – you simply don’t have time to deal with poor customer service.

Unfortunately, customer service is lacking in many businesses today, so we wanted to discuss some of the principles that put Vehicle Service Center ahead of the competition.

One of the Worst Customer Service Practices

If you haven’t noticed the inability of companies to provide good customer service, an indicator of the state of modern businesses is that the Australian government felt the need to put up an article about how to provide customer service on the national business website.

Recently, Forbes magazine commented on some of the worst customer service practices. The biggest culprit – hiring the wrong people for the job. You would think companies would want to put their friendliest and most patient people forward when it comes to dealing with the public. Sadly, some businesses just hire anyone who will work for low pay and make that person the customer’s lifeline during a crisis.

Customer Service – Why Our Customers Stay with Us

Providing you with good customer service is also a smart business move for us. It’s cheaper to hang onto existing customers than scour the globe for new ones. Treating people right creates loyal customers who recommend us to others. There’s no better form of advertising.

So next time you’re staring at an expensive repair bill or you’re stuck in a hotel overnight because of a breakdown on a road trip, we hope you’re covered by one of our comprehensive warranty or trip interruption plans. You can rest assured that your customer service experience will help soften the blow rather than making matters worse.

To get help in finding the right plan to meet your needs, call 1-800-280-6708. Our vehicle protection specialists are standing by to provide free quotes at any time.

Reasons You Want Your Car’s A/C Unit Covered by an Extended Warranty

We’ve all had it happen, and it’s always at the worst possible time. You get in your car on a blistering summer day with temps creeping toward 100 degrees. You flip on the car’s air conditioning and get a blast of hot air. You expect it to turn cold any second, but it never happens. Now you’re driving around with the windows down, sweating through your clothes on the way to work or the store. You don’t even want to think about how much the repairs would cost, but you don’t want driving to be miserable all summer long either. What do you do?

If your car’s A/C unit is cover by an extended warranty, all of those concerns instantly melt away! But what if you don’t have coverage? Consider the following stats about car A/C repair costs.

How Much Will It Cost to Fix My Car’s Air Conditioning?

Car air conditioning systems are complicated, and the problem can be anywhere in the unit. As a result, there’s no way to guess what repairs will cost until you see a mechanic. The price range of the repair bill can vary wildly from $150-$200 for a lead to as much as $2,000 for major repairs due to compressor failure or system contamination.

The main problem is that A/C issues often happen on older vehicles. If your car is only worth $2,000-$4,000, do you really want to spend $2,000 to repair the A/C? For many people, that kind of repair bill means making do without air conditioning. While that may only mean a few months of discomfort in some northern areas, in southern states, it can make driving a terrible experience most of the year.

Purchasing the Right Extended Warranty Gives Peace of Mind

If you purchase the right extended warranty that meets the needs of your vehicle and your budget, you can have real peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to deal with repair bills that cost more than your vehicle may be worth. Vehicle Service Center provides high-quality service plans that meet every sort of budget. Just request a free quote online or call 1-800-280-6708 to get started today.


Vehicle Service Center Choosing an Extended Warranty Company

5 Ways to Choose the Right Extended Warranty Company

Extended vehicle protection on both new and pre-owned vehicles is more important than ever before, with garages and dealers charging outrageous repair fees for both parts and labor. How can you be sure that you are really getting what you pay for rather than falling into an extended warranty scam? Read on for 5 tips on choosing the right extended warranty provider.

#1: Find an Experienced Company

Look for a company that has been in business for at least several years. Scam companies close relatively quickly once claims start coming in and complaints spring up over a lack of payment. Plus, companies that have been around for a few years are established and will still be in business if you need to make a claim several years from now.

#2: You Should Be Able to Get in Touch

Look for companies that give you a phone number or a way to contact the company online. Warranty services that are tough to get in touch with when you have a question will be impossible to get in touch with when you need them to make a payment.

#3: Find Out What Is Covered

You don’t want to wait until you get a huge repair bill to find out that you had work done on a part of the vehicle that isn’t covered. Even if the company says you’re getting full coverage, you should ask for the warranty provider’s definition of full coverage.

#4: Can You Just Buy What You Need?

Don’t get roped into an expensive plan if you only need to cover catastrophic repairs. A warranty company should be able to provide a customized package that provides you exactly what you need in order to keep the warranty affordable.

#5: Discuss the Deductible

The expense of your plan may also be determined by a deductible, so don’t automatically take the cheapest planning thinking it’s the best. You may find it just means you’ll still get hit with a big chunk of the repair bill.

The Vehicle Protection Service That Meets Your Needs

Vehicle Service Center has been providing quality extended warranties for years. You can easily contact us by calling 1-800-280-6708. We’ll be happy to discuss what is covered by our full coverage plan or help you to develop a custom warranty that meets your vehicle needs and your budget. In the end, you get peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected and that you paid the best price. Customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of our business.