A Warranty Can Save You from Huge Front and Rear Suspension Costs

Suspension problems are one of the more common and expensive issues that car arise in motor vehicle use. How do suspension issues occur? What are the most common problems? How much will the repairs cost? How can you protect yourself from this expense? We’ll tell you here.

How Do Suspension Issues Occur?

While in rare cases a suspension issue may be due to a manufacturer defect, it is far more common for these problems to arise from wear and tear on a vehicle. Potholes are one of the major causes of such damage. AAA reported that potholes result in about $3 billion in repairs in the US each year. To limit the damage, it is vital to try and avoid potholes, keep tires properly inflated, and to slow down as much as possible if a pothole cannot be avoided.

What Are the Most Common Suspension Problems?

The suspension system of a vehicle is complicated. With so much that can go wrong, you may wonder what the most common repairs are. Here are 5:

  • Alignment
  • Shocks
  • Springs
  • Ball joints
  • Control arms

How Much Do Suspension Repairs Cost?

In part, this depends on what is wrong. The repairs, however, are unlikely to be cheap. According to one report, replacing ball joints can cost anywhere from $350 to $2,200. Stocks were estimated at $200 to $1,500, although they can cost much more on a luxury car. Replacing the entire suspension system can cost up to $5,000.

How Can You Protect Yourself from Suspension Repair Costs?

To ensure you don’t get stuck with a massive repair bill, be sure that your suspension system is under warranty. To assist you in this regard, Vehicle Service Center offers coverage options that can save you a bundle. To learn more, get a free quote from one of our vehicle protection specialists by calling 1-800-280-6708.

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