4 Things to Do When Your Car Needs Repairs

4 Things to Do When Your Car Needs Repairs

When a car needs repairs, it can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you don’t have an extended vehicle warranty. How can you avoid getting ripped off at the garage? Here are four important tips.

  1. Don’t Self-Diagnose the Issue – Is you come into the garage and tell the mechanic what to fix, he will no doubt fix it and charge you for the repairs even if that wasn’t the problem. Let the mechanic diagnose the issue.
  2. Get a Second Opinion on Expensive Repairs – If the diagnosis comes back as a really expensive repair, don’t be afraid to call another mechanic for a second opinion. In the worst-case scenario, you pay a little extra to have someone confirm the issue. In the best case, you may avoid an expensive and unnecessary repair bill.
  3. Get the Estimate in Writing – Don’t take the mechanic’s word for it that the repairs will be a certain amount. Get the estimate in writing so it will be tougher for the garage to change the price on you later.
  4. Don’t Pay Before You Test Drive the Car – It is shocking how many people drive away from a garage for the first time with the bill paid? You don’t know if the work was done properly, and you know you are not getting the money back once the bill is paid. Make sure you got your money’s worth before you put your cash in the mechanic’s hand.

Get Your Extended Auto Warranty Today

Of course, you will get the best peace of mind knowing that your repairs are covered by an extended warranty, so talk to the pros at Vehicle Service Center to learn about the various service contracts available for your vehicle. You can speak with a vehicle protection specialist by calling 1-800-280-6708, or you can request your quote online.

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