The Pros and Cons of Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle

If you are considering shopping for a pre-owned vehicle instead of buying your next car new, what are the advantages and disadvantages? We’re going to outline some of the pros and cons of shopping used rather than new, and then we’ll tell you where you should look for your extended auto warranty regardless of which option you decide is best for you.

Benefits of Buying Used

Here are a few of the ways you benefit from shopping for a pre-owned vehicle:

  • You don’t get that instant 30% loss of value the second you drive a used car off the lot the same way you do with a new vehicle.
  • Someone else has worked out the bugs. You’re a lot less likely to get a lemon if someone else already had the car. The car either works well or it has been repaired.
  • You won’t spend as much, which means a lower monthly payment if you have to take out a loan. That leaves you with enough money to get an extended warranty to protect your investment.

Disadvantages of Buying Used

There are some downsides to a used car as well, such as:

  • You may need some of the more expensive maintenance performed. For example, the timing belt and water pump are usually changed out around 90,000 miles (depending on the vehicle).
  • You may not be able to acquire an accurate driving history, especially if the previous owner failed to disclose an accident.
  • It can be tough to tell how hard the previous owner drove the car from one quick test drive.

Protect Your Investment with an Extended Auto Warranty

If you want to save money on a used vehicle but still maintain your peace of mind, then let Vehicle Service Center help you find the perfect extended warranty coverage options for your pre-owned vehicle. Speak to a vehicle protection specialist today by calling 1-800-280-6708, or you can request your free quote via our website.

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